Samuel & Mariam - Django Unchained


Samuel and Mariam's love story is re-enacted as a spoof of Quentin Tarrantino's hit movie, Django Unchained.


The entire bridal party got in on the fun as awesome movie posters were also created and posted on Facebook as teasers to the couple's big day.


Truly an epic film screened over two parts during the reception.


Pre-Wedding films for your wedding reception!


Struggling to find unique entertainment for your wedding reception? Something that will actually entertain and bring tears of laughter?


Ever dreamt of being a Hollywood star?


With our award winning short film experience, Karasmatik pre-wedding videos are always a hit as an entertainment piece at wedding receptions. Rather than relying on strangers to entertain your guests, with Karasmatik pre-wedding videos, YOU and your bridal party will bring that personal and recognisable edge which will keep your guests attention and have them entertained to no end.


Embellish the story of how you and your partner met by re-enacting blockbuster movie hits like Romeo & Juliet, or a music video of your favourite band – or even a combination of the two. You’ll have loads of fun creating a masterpiece – and people will be praising your performances for years to come.

Marc & Dina - Signs


This cute little short film was based on the short film Signs by @Radical.Media and Publicis Mojo Productions.


Marc & Dina embraced their roles and the final result perfectly fit their personalities.

Kymo & Mirette - Beauty & The Beast


A mockumentary style short film created for Kymo and Mirette inspired by David Attenborough documentaries.


Great performances in this film which brought the bridal party animal kingdom to life.

Tim & Monica - How We Met


If you're worried about acting on camera, why not try this cartoon style like Tim & Monica.


Still photos combined with witty narration allows you to create any story you like, no matter how bizarre.

Paul & Catherine - Ocean's Eleven


Ocean's Eleven was the theme for this two part film for Paul & Catherine.


With Paul's mission to capture the heart of his dream girl, he assigns his good friends to help him get his prize.

Samuel & Monica - Romeo & Juliet


This three part epic was based on the classic family feud of Romeo & Juliet. 


With footage from the wedding day itself creatively placed at the finale of the film - this was a great crowd pleaser.