Tell your story with Karasmatik.

Karasmatik's sole purpose is to help you, and to put a smile on your face. We specialise in producing videos that matter, videos that are digestible, videos that entertain, and videos that make you understood. 


With the rising popularity of story-telling and info graphics, combined with years of experience creating corporate videos, short films, music videos and so much more - we relish the opportunity to bring your story to life.


Here are a few ways we can do that for you:


Concept Development


So often these days businesses are trying to sell or promote complex concepts that are difficult to put in words.


Karasmatik can help you develop ideas that are creative, simple to understand, and look great.


The way we do that is by working with you to come up with the best solution - making sure that everyone is on the same page.




One of the best ways to tell a story is by watching it unfold with impressive clarity and slick, seamless sequences.


Whether it is a simple talking head, highlights for an evening of entertainment, or your latest short film, we'd love to capture your story and use creative choreography to give your videos the attention they deserve.


Motion Graphics


Don't have any on-screen talent to get your message across? No worries!


Motion graphics combined with emotive narration is a very popular way to tell your story.


We can convert your static info-graphics into beautiful motion for your presentations. Or we can build an entire virtual world to make your concepts come alive.